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A personal injury refers to any damage or harm that a person suffers due to the carelessness or negligence of another person. Personal injuries can range from bodily injuries, libel, malicious prosecution or disease that can be attributed to another person or organization. When a personal injury occurs, it is common for the affected person to institute legal proceedings to claim compensation for the damages. Car accidents contribute the bulk of personal injuries. Depending on the severity of the accident, the damages suffered can be of varied nature. It is because of the negligence of another driver that the accident occurred and they should be held accountable by making a claim against them. Besides car accidents, other common causes of personal injury include defective products, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, animal bites and slip and fall. When any of these occurs, it is important to hire a good personal injury lawyer to represent you when making a claim. 

A person injury lawyer will help you to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the other person was responsible for the injury. It would ideally be expected that the person that caused the injury would accept liability but this does not usually happen. A personal injury lawyer will help you put together all the documentation and evidence that is required to prove that the other party was guilty so that you can get your compensation. Your personal injury lawyer will also make sure that the other attorney does not harass you and cheat you off your compensation. Insurance companies have tens of lawyers to represent them. If you are representing yourself, then the insurance lawyer will use their knowledge to confuse you and in most cases leave you without the compensation that you deserve.  Take a look at this link for more information. 


Besides proving that the other party is responsible and that you are entitled to compensation, your personal injury lawyer will also make sure that the compensation that you receive meets all the costs and damages that were caused by the injury. Without a good legal representation, the insurance agency will promise you compensation for your injury but what they offer you is not enough to cover the loss suffered. A personal injury attorney will ensure that the settlement that you receive is enough to cover all the expenses and that you do not take money out of your pocket to pay. There are many experienced personal injury lawyers in Savannah and all you need to do is carry out a research to get one that specializes in the kind of personal injury that you suffered. Learn more about The Bader Law Firm, go here.